Skylined: A Story of Love and Loss in the City

I’m thrilled to announce¬†Skylined: A Story of Love and Loss in the City, which is a collaborative project that I created with Chicago photographer Laura Lopez. She took the photos, and I wrote the words. Sometimes I wrote a poem inspired by her photos; other times she shot a photo after she read my poems. The result is a series of 13 photos that tell a story when strung together.

To check out the project, visit our Etsy site, where you can purchase 11 x 17 prints.

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Happiness Project: March

My theme for March is “Self.” It’s my birthday month, which is why I chose to focus on me. My goal is to take better care of myself — mind, body, and soul. I plan to eat less sugar, write more, walk more, mediate more.

I started March yesterday by doing something I’ve never done before: I pierced my ears. This may seem silly — it seems silly to me — that at almost 41 years old, I’ve never had a piercing. I even got a tattoo before I pierced my ears.

When I cut my hair short four years ago, I started having a desire to wear earrings when I never had before. It’s probably because I felt the need to feel more feminine with short hair, so I wore clip-ons, but¬†clip-ons get boring (there aren’t many options) and they always fall off. So even though I’m growing my hair out, I got my ears pieced yesterday because I wanted to — and the older I get, the more I realize you’ve got to do what you want. Who cares what anyone says?


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