Poem-A-Day Project Recap

During April, I posted a poem a day to my Instagram account (@evelynalauer). I ignored poetry as a form for years while I drafted a novel and struggled to write a memoir that I finished and restarted so many times that it has now become fiction. But poetry is why I became a writer in the first place. Poetry is my love. It’s what lives inside me. It’s also the form I’ve studied the most, the form I have an MFA in.

This past month has been the best thing I’ve done for my writing since I moved to Texas to start graduate school for creative writing when I was 29. I enjoyed writing poems and posting them for people to read and react to. Most days, I spent less than 10 minutes on each poem. I didn’t over think them; I let the words pour out of me and then I’d post. Some days, I spent more time changing words or re-breaking lines.

I enjoyed the project so much that I plan to self-publish a book of the 30 poems from the month as well as a few new poems. Stay tuned for more details on this project.

Here’s my favorite poem from the month:

Miles Davis in the morning

You left. The walls
closed in. Sliver
of light between what
was once now and
what would soon become

the past. Unchangeable.
A door shut. And then
another, hot asphalt
of August swallowing
your shadow.

I turned on Kind of
Blue. Let the sun
creep in from behind
the curtain. Made coffee
without sugar or cream.

You were already
down the street, or in a cab,
or home, making toast,
only a week away from never
seeing me again.

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