April 2, 2017

I woke
from a dream
about you

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When Your Blog Disappears

Four years of a blog/website gone. Poof. Just like that. I had my blog up for four years. I spent money having it professionally redesigned. I published other people’s love stories. I had links to all my work. And, now, somehow (damn you, Internet! damn my inability to stay on top of things!) it’s all gone.

Let this be a lesson, folks! Back up your website! In case you lapse on your payments and your hosting site deletes all your content. I felt like crying, but I didn’t. The truth is I hadn’t posted on my blog in a year, which is why I let it lapse in the first place (damn you, credit cards that always seem to be compromised, making automatic payments void). So, I put up this new site quickly. It’ll do — for now. I’ve got work to do to rebuild, but I’m taking baby steps here.

You might be wondering what the heck I’ve been doing since — clearly — I haven’t been publishing. Well, I’m still working on that memoir; it’s changed quite a bit and it’s still a struggle but I haven’t giving up on it and the story. I wrote a draft of a YA novel about first love that I finished last June, but I haven’t touched it since. It needs a lot of revision that I don’t feel up to tackling at the moment. I’ve been working on some exciting collaborations that I hope to announce soon: one with my photographer friend, Laura Lopez; and one with my artist friend Michelle Hartney. And I’ve been plotting my own Happiness Project for the year inspired by Gretchen Rubin‘s Happier podcast, which I plan to write about here.

I can’t promise that I’ll write here often, but I’m going to try. One thing’s for sure: I won’t let my account lapse again! (Note: The best way to stay up-to-date with me is to follow my Instagram where I post at least once a week.)



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