Happiness Project: February, Goal 1

My theme for February is Action. Take action. Be active. Activate. Act. Write. Fight. Shout. Get shit done.

My original theme for this month was “exercise,” but I wanted the month to encompass so much more than that.

Here is one of my three¬†main goals for this month (I’ll write about the others in a separate post):

Use a Fitbit. I wore a Fitbit last year from mid-June to the end of October, reaching the recommended 10,000 steps/day most days. I walked more, moved more once I had this simple accountability tool. I exercised more and lost ten pounds. Plus, I loved long walks in the summer and fall, which helped fuel my writing, too.

(Note: It took a while for the weight loss to actually happen — at least six weeks of walking at least 10K steps a day. I tell you this because when I first used my Fitbit, I wasn’t losing any weight at all. I didn’t understand why. I even Googled — why am I not losing any weight with my Fitbit. But slowly, my weight dropped. I will say, too, that I wasn’t — and I’m not — dieting. I’m just trying to be healthier by moving my body more.)

Anyway, I lost this Fitbit, unfortunately, at the end of October while I was serving jury duty. I looked everywhere, retracing my steps and couldn’t find it. And sure enough, without the Fitbit, it was easy to slip into old habits. Plus, The Cubs were in the World Series and there was too much baseball to watch then it was Thanksgiving and the holidays and it was so cold and snowy, and suddenly two months had gone by. I did keep exercising occasionally during this time (we have a treadmill in our basement, which is a huge help), but I’m sure I wasn’t walking anywhere near 10,000 steps.

In mid-December, I bought myself a new Fitbit (a Charge 2) — and it sat in the box until Feb. 1. Because I knew once I opened it, I’d become obsessed with it again, trying to hit 10K steps, and it was too close to the holidays to deal. In January, I wanted to focus on cleaning my house and not steps (although, I’m sure I wracked up some steps doing just that). It’s crazy rationale, I know. As my doctor said back in November: “You should just buy yourself a new Fitbit now and not wait until Christmas, if you know it helps you.” Exactly. But, of course, I waited.

So it’s February, and I’ve got my Fitbit on, and I’m going to keep moving.


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